Chives & Cheese Scones

Chives & Cheese Scones, originally uploaded by serenie.

We first tried chives and cheese scones when we were in NZ, South Island and we really took to it. I was surprised that I actually didn't mind chives in scones as I am really particular with spring onions and coriander in my food.

This is my first attempt at baking scones and it was a combination of a couple of recipes and some make do. I am really happy with the final product as its light and fluffy :-) Can't wait till I make some plain ones to go with jam and fresh whipped cream *sinful*

Veg Out St Kilda Farmers' Market, originally uploaded by serenie.

Two weeks ago we bought a punnet of cherries from Smiths of Taminick at the Gaswork Park farmer's market and they were so good that we were craving for more. So this morning we decided to head down to the Veg Out St Kilda Farmer's Market just to get the cherries. We ended up with 2 punnets of cherries (1kg/punnet), 2 kg of Tree Riped Yellow Peaches, 2 punnets of big juicy sweet strawberries and some roses. More photos here

Moonlight Cinema

Moonlight Cinema, originally uploaded by kswh.

The summer 08/09 Moonlight Cinema is back again. Although it was summer, the temperature last night was down to about 14ÂșC with everyone wrapped up with scarfs and fleece blankets on the lawn. A very relaxing way to enjoy a picnic and movie on the lush lawns of the Royal Botanic Gardens. We will definitely be back again to catch another movie at the Moonlight Cinema.

More photos here

2nd Last Sunset of 2008

Sunset @ St Kilda Beach, originally uploaded by kswh.

Took a walk at St Kilda beach this evening, the second last day before the new year. We did not stay long on the beach as it was really windy and chilly (not an excuse to not exercise), however we did manage to capture the beautiful 2nd last sunset of this year.

More photos here.

Day trip to Sorrento

Sorrento, originally uploaded by kswh.

The day after boxing day, we decided to take a day trip down to Sorrento, Mornington Peninsula. Traffic down to the peninsula was heavy and there was a slight congestion. Along the coast, all campsites and parks were filled with tents and caravans. People of all ages were welcoming the summer sun with open arms as this December has been Melbourne's wettest since 2005 and coldest December in 7 years. So we only stayed for a few hours roaming along Ocean Beach Road, Sorrento for lunch and gelato and headed back home.

More photos of the trip here


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