Consistently inconsistent ...

Yeah you read the title correctly, we've been consistently inconsistent in updating our blog and it will be that way for a while. Both of us are busy with our school work and assignments are piling up. But we do occassionally get our butt out of the house and enjoy the freezing cold weather. Here are some a whole lot of snaps that we took since we are back in Melbourne. As usual FOOD takes centre stage in our photos. So sit back and wipe the drool off your mouth and enjoy the appetizing dishes.

First thing after we came back to Melboure was to head for the supermarket. Cheezels, Oats, Milk, OJ, mushroom, garlic bread, mince pork, salad, cherries, bacon, ham, apples

Beef with carrots & long beans

Tandori Chicken with chapati

A guy's gota learn how to cook sometimes. So I cooked Ee-Fu noodles for Serena on her birthday. Not bad for a first try, Serena can vouch for it. Well i guess you can't go wrong following a recipe book :P

Ee-fu Noodles

Happy Birthday!
1 year older 1 year wiser (really?)

Chocolate mousse cake

Yummy Drool :)~~~~

A$10 sushi and sashimi dinner from our usual saturday 'auction'

Fresh! Oishi!

Salmon, prawn & cucumber

TODAY'S MENU: Serena's Lunch Special. Mince beef and pork meatballs with fruit salad. IMHO home-made meatballs are much nicer than those at IKEA.

Home-made Goodness

Fruit Salad with yogurt

Meat boulders

Meat balls, salad & a nice glass of OJ

We went to the city 2 fridays ago to catch The Lakehouse. Then we had a different kind of pizza for dinner at Max Brenner.

Chocolate Pizza

Chocolate Belgium Waffle

Double Hot Chocolate

So sweeeet!

Fir eyeing my pizza

Fir giving me a load of
crap for eating the last slice

Lord of the Fries

Fries with Italian dressing

Serena conducting the orchestra

I better finish it before
Ken grabs them all

Flinders Station from Elizabeth St

Flinders Station from Princess Bridge

South Bank - Yarra River

Victorian Arts Centre

National Gallery Victoria

Picasso Exhibition @ NGV

Some snaps on our way to church on a sunday morning. We had Yum Cha at Shark's Fin House for lunch then we took a tram to Fitzroy.

NGV on a Sunday Morning

Empty Street - St Kilda Rd

Serena doing a kawaii shot

Window display @ Suga Candy Kitchen

Window display @ Suga Candy Kitchen

Police on horseback

The 4 horsemen & a lady

Anti-war Peace protest
outside State Library


Yummy Char Siew Pau

Inspection time - Any FATS?

Definitely not dainty!

Victorian Houses along Collins St

Victorian Houses along Collins St

Where the bloody hell is the tram

Graf seen along Johnston St - Fitzroy

Kaws Twins?

Amazing skills

Can u see the word?

Mussels & meatball for dinner

TODAY'S MENU: Club Sandwich, Breaded chicken with pasta and Strawberry with dark chocolate

Ham & Cheese

A second serving for you?



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