You can call us "bo liao" (which means bored) ... I actually cut up a sticker promoting a radio station Vega 95.3 and had some fun (or you can call it creativity too). YAHOO was the starting word (not that we are being paid) but it was the first word on Ken's browser at that moment. :-) Now if only we get paid for advertising as well ;-)

I was pretty amazed we made use of all the characters. The black colored stickies are wild cards and the 'J' and 'Mushroom' like stickies are Joker (You can tell I am not a very good artist haha) which you can use it when its your turn and change for another stickies. The full stop allows you to form abbreviation. Like in our case Ken formed R.A Haha so much for Serena's version of scrabble :-)

Term Break

*Above image taken from

Today was a nice day so we decided to get out of the apartment for some sunshine. We started the day with breakfast at home - Chwee Kueh (YES! Home made!). After breakfast, we went to see the Picasso exhibition at National Gallery Victoria. Unfortunately, no cameras allowed so we didn't take or try to sneak any shots. Before heading back home, we decided to head down to the newly opened Krispy Creme outlet in Melbourne CBD. Yes they are open today, 26th Sept 2006 at 8:00a.m.

Home made Chwee Keuh.
Finally I can control the
amount of oil in my chwee keuh.

Yes that's the queue!! I think the last
person in line will get theirs 1 to 1.5hrs

Our lot after 1/2 hour


House Rule: Whoever wears that cap
will then be allowed to eat!

Ken taking his first bite!

Serena's Fav. flavour - Traditional Cinnamon

Ken love them ALL. Haha kidding he
likes the Original Glaze.

Oh when it was our turn they actually SOLD OUT on their House Flavour - Original Glaze. So instead of buying 1 dozen of Original Glaze and 1 dozen of Assorted at $24, we had a choice of 2 dozen of Assorted at $24. HAHA which was good for me coz I don't really dig the orignal glaze flavour and I get to choose 2 dozens of assorted flavours at $24 instead of $30. Cool ... and this means I got to work harder in the gym too. ;-)

Chinese Eat ...

... Everything and Anything.

Last week at the market, this Asian lady (from Hong Kong I suspect) bought a packet of 10 shell things (we are clueless what it is till today) and she gave us 1 because I asked her what it was. She told us we had to hammer the shell to break it so that we could take the flesh out and later to boil it.

Nice Shell

The flesh is orangy with some small yellow rings

After some hammering

Gross! Intestines and organs.

The intestines were twirled around the shell.

Trying to pull out the flesh. Ken said it was slimmy.

Finally he got it out and it smells. Disgusting!

Really disgusting and slimmy.

I think that is the organ, stomach and dont know what.

Wanna puke yet?

On left is the flesh.

Boiling the flesh.

Water actually turned orangy.



We boiled the stuff too long coz we weren't sure and Ken took a bite (not taste) and said it felt rubbery. Anyway we were too disgusted to try eating it after pulling all the guts out and me photographing the process.

Spring is here

Spring is here but last week it felt more like winter. It was wet and cold. Well it will get warmer next week - 22 degree celsius on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Nothing much has happened except tons of school work hence we haven't been updating the blog. We are half way thr' the semester and October will be a tough month for us. Well, we are still uploading pictures taken (from meal to meal :P) just that there isn't time to format it nicely here. Oh well we still need to eat so the kitchen is not close nor have we caved in to take aways.

Chocolate cupcakes

Yummy - Freshly baked about 1/2 hour ago

Since we had a voucher for a free DVD rental, we decided to rent the movie, Thumbsucker and have popcorn and coke while watching.

Microwave popcorn - Buttered flavour

Didn't really like the taste of it

Coke & Popcorn

Krispy Kreme is gonna open in Melbourne City at long last :-). Is the malay spelling for cream = kreme? LOL Anyway its an American brand for those who don't know. We had a bite when they were having some launch in the city last Thursday. We bought a dozen of their famous Glazed Donuts and finished it all in a day. It is real sinful. I can only have 2 pieces max each time coz they are too sweet but Ken can go on and eat them all. So I had to "write" names on them. HAHA

Krispy Kreme

Famous Glazed Donuts

Yesterday (9 Sept) we bought 1/2 dozen of the BIGGEST (Australian) oysters we have ever seen. It was almost the length of a teaspoon.

HUGE Oyster

Almost the size of Ken's palm

Baked with some garnishes

Ken gonna slurp it!

Some misc. pictures :-)

Playing chess along Swanston St.

Making the next move

Bought some freshly made Bagels

Strawberry as BIG as the kiwi.

Ken's iron on

Cute? He created this character.


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