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We finally manage to get our new "toy" 2 weeks ago and we have been playing with it ever since. Anyone up for a cup of cuppacino or latte with fresh home baked cookies or hot cross buns (seasonal item - only applicable during Easter).




Skate or Graff

NoComply Festival Main Show
Federation Square Atrium
7th - 14th April 2007

The main NoComply show is a collection of 150 skateboards by graphic designers, artists, fashion designers, photographers and tattooists from around the globe.

We made our way down to Federation Square last sunday to check out the exhibition. It's amazing to see all the different styles of art on the skateboards from pen sketchs, stencils to digital prints etc. After that we walked over to Hoiser lane across the road from Federation Square. Hoiser Lane is one of the awesome lanes in Melbourne city. Its filled with lots of street art from people like Reka to Meggs and even Fafi. Its like walking through an open art gallery. Just check out the pictures.















Hoiser Lane, Melbourne











To Eat Is Divine?

Fresh ingredients = Beautiful food. We try to use the freshest ingredients to create simple dishes full of flavours that we enjoy. Our taste-buds vary throughout the week and we try as much as possible to have different dishes everyday. As such, this week's à la carte menu will differ from next as we try to have a variety, much like what you would get in an international buffet. Sounds like some restaurant menu? Sometimes I do wonder if both of us are in the wrong profession. :P

Anyway I guess there aren't many interesting things/events for us to blog about since we do not go to the city that frequently. (the number of times we head to the supermarket and grocery store far outnumbers the time we are in the city) So besides the odd event coverage or so you see here, all you will see is food and more food. So if any of you are on a diet, I hope we did not whet your appetite too much till you have to give up on it. So this is what we present to you guys this week.


We will start off this week's series with a couple of Italian dishes. First up, Tortellini Carbonara. Tortellini with fresh button mushrooms and chicken in a cream sauce sprinkled with italian herbs.


Tortellini Carbonara

Next we have Spaghetti Marinara (Seafood). Al dente spaghetti with succulent scallops, prawns, squids and mussels in a tomato-basil sauce sprinkled with cheese, herbs and chilli flakes. Mmmm... Mama Mia!


Spaghetti Marinara

I think this next one should classify as a Mediterranean dish. Baked Scallops coated with bread crumbs and Swordfish Kerbab.

Marinated (lemon, capers, olive oil) swordfish with bacon, mushrooms, capsicums, grape tomatoes and onions. The aroma and taste of the marinated swordfish is enhanced further with the jucies absorbed from the bacon, making this a mouth-watering simple dish that is full of flavour.



Working hard before eating

Ready to be grilled

A dollar each

Perfect Entree


This should be the part of the menu where everyone goes ga-ga over. Desserts always seem to make anyone drool and never fail to put a sparkle into anyone's eye. Some people actually flipped to this section first before deciding on what to have for their entree or main. Are you one of them?

Since we are able to get strawberries pretty cheap now (3 punnets for A$2) , Serena decided to try her hands on a Strawberry Shortcake (Biscuit) recipe. This was a recipe that Ellen taught Serena when we were visiting them in Beijing. A really nice dessert dish to serve and I guess its healthy too since wheat flour is used to make the dough. Some other desserts we had were, Raspberry Rapsady (smoothie), Raspberry Swirl and Peach Delight.





Strawberry Shortcake

Frozen Raspberries

Raspberry Swirl


In motion

Peach Delight

Other dishes that we had during the course of the week were sashimi and california roll, caesar salad, rindless bacon with eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes, and baked kingfish wrapped with middle bacon.


Sashimi - Hapuka, Tuna,
Tamago-yaki, Avocado, Cucumber

Caesar Salad- Lettuce, Cherry Tomato, Cheese, Ham & Croutons

Fish - Meat

A hearty breaky

Did you know?
According to a study from Indiana University, USA, "Four hours after that high-fat meal (eg. bacon & eggs), your arteries look just like those of a person who has heart disease." This is due to the fact that a high-fat meal causes your arteries to lose their ability to expand in response to an increase in blood flow and this may lead to cardiovascular disease in the long-term.


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