Pizza Party

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Today's weather was no better than yesterday's. Both of us felt so stuffy and the air around us was hot. And tonight in the city and around our place it seem smoky so we are suspecting there's a fire nearby.

Tonight we are having a pizza party with a few of Ken's classmates at our place. Alrite don't drool ... (We've got a couple of "complaints" ops I meant compliments.)


Fresh Mushrooms! My Favourite :-)

Ham and Salami

Home made pizza

Final touches

Going into the oven

Good thing we have a huge oven

Home made strawberry cheese cake

Cross section of strawberry cheese cake


Our guests busy tucking in


FHM Party @ Carlton

Monday, November 20, 2006

Melbourne's weather is really really crazy. Today we are experiencing a high of 34˚C and tomorrow will be a high of 36˚C and believe it or not just last week it was freezing cold. Oh well no complaints as the weather here is better than that of Singapore's anytime with the exception of December and January!

Anyway today we went for FHM Party and boy was it HOT! Besides hot babes and cute guys, the food served was HOT, SPICY HOT too.

On the menu:

Chong Qing Hot Pot Stock
Beef slices
Chicken slices
Pork slices
Fish Balls
Beef Balls
Egg tofu

Ice Milk Tea

Hot Babe serving us :-)

Hot Babe ensuring we are contented!

Spicy Hot

We did a good job

Everyone is contented

Sexy Hunk Fir trying to do a dance?

FHM Party @ Carlton
Firdaus's Hotpot Monday Party. Haha!

One thing for sure, its better in terms of quality and quantity as compared to the one we had along Russell Street. Loads of meat and balls!


Saturday, November 18, 2006

Last couple of days we have been experiencing freak weather here in Melbourne. It is late spring now and we had two days of snow in the highlands which is uncommon and the city was freezing cold. The news reported that Mt. Baw Baw had 30cm of snow and Tuesday, 14th November 2006 was the coldest November day in 53 years!! It was hailing in the city and there was gusty winds so we thought steamboat with some friends over at our place this weekend would be perfect. However, Melbourne's weather lived up to its reputation of being unpredictable. The weather changed so quickly that it was hot hot hot at 26˚C and a BBQ would have been perfect. Unfortuantely we had planned for a steamboat and went ahead as planned.

We had the following on the menu and used Marcus' huge rice cooker as a steamboat:

Nachos with Salsa and Cheese
Fresh Oysters with Lemon and Tobasco

Home made Chicken Stock
Fish slices
Fish Balls
Home made Shrimp Pork Dumplings
Egg tofu
Steamed Rice

Home made Mango Pudding

Home made pork shrimp dumpling

Taste and look pro!

We need a bigger pot?

Waiting, waiting ...


Whose big bowl is that?

Home made mango pudding!
Yeah its mango season once again

We ALL got too carried away eating and enjoying ourselves and playing good hosts that we forgot to take pictures of our guests in actions ;-)

Tezuka - The Marvel of Manga

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Today we went for the Tezuka Osamu exhibition at National Gallery Victoria with Ken's classmate, Yoshiki.

Above image is taken from

For many of us who grew up in the 80s (living in Singapore), will remember the time where we would sit in front of the TV at 6pm to have our dinner and watch Kimba the Lion or any other cartoons :-)

Ken and myself was wondering Disney's Lion King and Kimba have so much similarities ... Hmmm what are your thoughts?

Above image is taken from Madman Entertainment

For those who don't know ....
TEZUKA Osamu is heralded as an icon of the Japanese manga movement; acknowledged in Japan as an artistic master, and revered as the figurehead of the manga and anime industries. Creating over 700 manga titles during his lifetime, he is best known in the West for his cartoons of Astro Boy and Kimba the White Lion, which were serialized for television in the 1960s. Tezuka’s work is acclaimed for its complexity and originality and his drawings showcase an extraordinary calligraphic dynamism. His prolific manga work contains two main streams: manga ‘comic pictures’ for a youth audience, including Astro Boy, Kimba and Princess Knight; and gekiga ‘drama pictures’ – more seriously-toned, adult oriented narratives such as Song of Apollo and Ludwig B, that stress realistic effect and emotional impact. This exhibition features both aspects of his work, introducing Western audiences to the complexities and extraordinary range of the manga form.

Above text taken from

Botanic Gardens in Spring

Friday, November 10, 2006

Exams and assignments are all finally over for Ken and myself. Hurray! We decided to get our senses in touch with nature and off we went to Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne. The flowers were all in full bloom and the garden smelt so fragrant. The weather was excellent around 18˚C with good amount of sunlight.

We took so many pictures of flowers without knowing their names ;-) So don't ask us what is that flower called else you will be answered with "orh ... that is the red coloured flower". Erm actually I wanted to show off my macro skills. Haha!


The garden was so quiet, serene and beautiful!


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