Happy Birthday everyone...


Happy Birthday everyone! For the uninitiated, yesterday (Sat 24/02/07) is the 7th day of the Lunar New Year and is also known as Ren Ri (人日). So I am sure most of you back home are having Yu Sheng today, we won't be doing it today but will save it for the last day of Lunar New Year (15th day) to enjoy it. Anyway here's wishing all of you good health and success in whatever you do!

Ok so we are backin Melbourne now. As usual we love Saturdays, as that's when we can induldge in our favourite past time. THE FISH AUCTION.

Our very first auction of the new year at our favourite Claringbolds Seafood in Prahran Market. Nothing beats cheap, good and fresh seafood. Where can you get A$5 for half a dozen of sweet tasty oysters, A$5 for 400g of Patagonian toothfish (taste so much like codfish - YUM!) or even A$5 for a huge 1kg bag of live mussles.

So what did we get this time round? Well, before the auction we agreed that we should only spend A$30 between the both of us but as usual, when the action starts we got carried away.

Our catch of the day:
1) Lobster (500g) 5) Kingfish fillet
2) Half dozen of scallops on shell 6) Mary perch
3) Pantagonian toothfish 7) Sushi and Sashimi (ocean trout)
4) Snapper fillet

Took some pictures of the lobster back at the apartment and some how it reminded me of a chinese dragon head. Love the red orangey colour of the shell and the pattern on it.


Spikes all round

More Spikes duh...


Reminds me of a dragon's head

Dragon of the Sea?

Red orangey patterns
And so our dinner for the night was baked lobster with 3 types of cheese, sushi and ocean trout sashimi

Dissected lobster ready
to be eaten anytime

Adding the cheese
prior to baking

Baked lobster with
3 types of cheese

Lobster witth hot sticky cheese

Sushi with ocean trout sashimi

A dozen sushi roll and counting...
Don't envy us, just salivate at the pictures and also be thankful to God for the food that you have everyday. :) More pictures to come .... So enjoy and have a Great Week Ahead!


Fa Cai Yu Sheng ...

... at 35,000 feet above ground level! Yes this year hopefully we will "HUAT" since Chinese believe that the higher you "lou" (toss) the Yu Sheng, the more prosperous one will be.

We were served Yu Sheng on board our flight (SIA) back to Melbourne. It was a pleasant surprise despite having like more than 6 rounds of Yu Sheng during our time back in Singapore.

SIA introduction to Yu Sheng

Yu Sheng with smoked salmon

Pouring in the plum sauce to
signify sweetness in life


Lou Hei. Tossing the Yu Sheng!

Enjoying the Yu Sheng

Tarts No More!!

This is the best lot. Not only is it made using homemade pineapple jam, the flour and butter proportion is more accurate than our earlier batch. I couldn't believe it, we actually used 8 pineapples to make the jam and over 1kg of flour for 219 tarts but I must admit we had a generous serving of pineapple jam per tart. Our factory line (Ken and myself) worked non stop for 4 to 5 hours to produce this lot (excluding time taken to make the jam which my dad helped to grate). Now my index fingers are sore! No more making pineapple tarts for me for the year! Time for FEASTING. :P

Cooking the grated pineapple to make jam
Pineapple jam balls
Buttery dough
Hard Work!
Working as fast as I can
Generous heap of pineapple jam
Spot the odd one
All done at long last

Pineapple tart factory line Officially CLOSED for the year!

Today's count: 219 pineapple tarts!
To date's count: 329 pineapple tarts!

Pineapple Tarts & Ping Pong

We decided to get our hands dirty today. After church we made pineapple tarts but we took the easy way out and used ready made pineapple jam. Needless to say ready made pineapple jam is no where comparable to home made jam. Finally Ken is convince to sweat it out and grate and squeeze the pineapple for me to make the jam! Yeah!!

In the later part of the afternoon we headed to Serangoon Gardens for Roti John and had table tennis session with my cousin. Yeap you must be wondering why we are full of energy today ;P

Home econs paid off! Rubbing in method
Kneading the dough
Our first lot out of the oven!
Yes it does taste as good as it looks!
100% Hand made!!
Ken got creative with left over dough
Piglet for the Year of the Pig

Table tennis session!

Warm up!
Getting friendly Bebe!
Bebe feeling really comfortable

Oh btw, orders for pineapple tarts are FULL :P
Today's count: 110 pineapple tarts!

Lazy Saturday

Saturdays has always been the laziest day of the week for us, more so when in Singapore. As usual we did nothing much except work our tummies (the unhealthy way). For lunch we had Katong Laksa and for dinner we met some friends at East Coast Lagoon. We had a huge and hearty meal - Salted Vegetable Duck Soup, Sambal Kang Kong, BBQ Sting ray and, Sweet and sour pork chops!!

I forgot about taking pictures of the food we had today as I am trying to change the perception of our blog (HAHA ... as if). Anyway it was a good Saturday especially catching up with our friends!

Shop houses along Katong
I guess the doggies pretty much sum up our Saturday mood. Btw, we are 2 posts behind - Ken is suppose to blog but it seems like everyday is Saturday to him ;P


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