Make A Guess ...

what this is.
Answer is in the below post.


So what do we have here ...

Yes we bought 2 bags of them from Prahran Market. We have never eaten them before and thought it would be fun to have a go at them.

We spent about 1hr plus cracking them, scoping the uni and washing it. Hard work and now we know why its going for so much in the market. Hmm not sure if I will have the guts to pick some and crack it underwater the next time I dive. :P

Some super smelly liquid that came out of the sea urchin

That's the mouth

The orangy stuff is uni (sea urchin roe)

Got to wash it under running cold water

Our harvest

Uni. Hmm wonder how much is that worth?
We have not eaten them yet as we had chilli crabs for dinner. Most likely we will have them on Monday for dinner along with some unagi. Yummy! Tomorrow's night dinner is mussels!

That's our dinner tonite

Today's marketing
Answer: Sea Urchin.

Yesterday we had a chance to see the Queen's Baton Relay as it came through Chapel Street. We were on our way back from Borders then so the pictures were taken using our mobile phones.

Some lowdown on the traidtion of The Queen's Baton Relay ....
The Queen’s Baton Relay is one of the great traditions of the Commonwealth Games. The relay symbolises the gathering of people from across the Commonwealth at the four-yearly festival of sport and culture. The relay traditionally begins with a commencement ceremony at Buckingham Palace, London, which coincides with the city’s Commonwealth Day festivities. There Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II entrusts the baton containing Her ‘message to the athletes’ to the first honorary relay runner. The relay concludes at the Opening Ceremony, as the final relay runner hands the baton back to Her Majesty, or Her representative, and the message is read aloud. At that moment the relay ends and the Games begin. The Melbourne 2006 Queen’s Baton travels an epic journey of more than 180,000 kilometres in a year and a day, and visits all 71 nations of the Commonwealth – home to almost one third of the world’s population.

Passerby waiting for the Baton to come thr'

Heh we thought the Queen was coming thr'

They were jogging real slowly

Alrite that's the best shoot but I bet you can't see the Baton. Sorry guys!
Ah tonight there will be massive fireworks as it is the opening ceremony of Commonwealth Games.

Week 2 of school

Yes that's fast we are into week 2 of school. Ken had some assignments due this week and my turn will come pretty soon. Hmm if only we could just sail thr' school by showing our enthusiasms and be graded on it. LOL! :P

Anyway we managed to stop, breadth and enjoy. On Wednesday evening, we went to Queen Victoria Market for The Suzuki Night Market. It's a weekly event and will last till the end of this month. There was live entertainment, world food, drinks and weird and wonderful wares. And on our way home while waiting for and in the tram I took some night shots of Melbourne City.

Friday night we had dinner at Mark's place (Conner of Swanston and Grattan St). We had 2 large pizzas (In Singapore's context that would have been HUGE), 1 plate of pasta and 1 plate of chips. No pictures too bad you got to eat (not see it) it to know what you are missing HAHA! Fir ordered the food as he knows the place and he wanted chips! I like the chicken pizza (I forgot the actual name as I didn't study the menu and place the orders), it had a sweet and creamy filling and it's unique. Yummy!

Saturday - Since it was the weekend, we decied to put in more effort for our meals so we made popiah! Wah so much time and effort was put into cutting the turnip, bamboo shoot and other ingredients. Hmmm...I guess paying $1.50 for the effort put into making popiah is pretty much worth it. Hmm isit still that price back in Singapore's hawker centers?

The Suzuki Night Market

Rows of food stalls

Yummy Look at the meat! Stall was selling Souvlaki

Ken & Fir enjoying their Chicken Fajitas

Stalls selling weird and wonderful wares

Melbourne City Baths - Health, fitness and wellbeing centre

Nay that's not our tram

RMIT City Campus

Junction of Swanston and La Trobe St. State Library

Flinders Station

Popiah Filling

Other ingredients

Deep Fried Popiah

Next week will be interesting. Labour Day is on Monday but unfortunately Ken still has school. Weird right? There's also Moomba Parade along Swanston Street on Monday at 11am. Wednesday will be the opening of Commonwealth Games. Bascially for the next 2 weeks, Melbourne City will be full of life and activities and also bursting with people. So next 2 weeks I will bring my camera along when I go into the city for classes. :-)

Summer Holidays ....

Summer holidays are over, school has started for both of us. Ken is into his final year and I've just started on my postgrad program. After 1 week of school, we found 1 word to sum it all up - SIONG! "Siong" is a singlish term which means Tough.

It's not so much that we have lost momentum during the 3 months of summer vaccation but more so the work load. Ken has at least 1 assignment due every fortnight and for me tons of research, reading, presentations and papers to write. Oh well so you wouldn't be expecting much from the kitchen or this blog till the holidays are here again.

Since this was my first week at school, I've realised that there are many Indians and Mainland Chinese enrolled in the unis that are located in Melbourne City. Hmm makes me feel like I am not studying in an Australian Uni. :P Text books are also real expensive. A price check I've done - Believe it or not, one of my text book cost $35 plus Singapore Dollars back home (Singapore) and it cost nearly $80 Australian Dollars here. MAD!

Today we visited the Information Centre at Federation Square and was amazed by the number of brochures available and the centre itself. It is very nicely done up and most of the brochures are not only informative but of good print quality. Hmm makes me wanna visit the Information Centre back in Singapore and see how we fare. Personally I don't think it can be comparable to the one here but then again I wouldn't mind being proved wrong! ;)

Oh well nothing exciting has happened or worth mentioning ... got to get back to preparing a quick dinner and hit the books.

Psst ... Commonwealth games is less than 2 weeks away! Bet Melbourne City will come alive with fireworks and lots of activities. Ahh I remembered I've something to tell since we are along the line of Commonwealth Games. There was this guy who raised his hand during one of the lectures and asked "Is RMIT closed during Commonwealth Games?" Wow I couldn't help but burst in laughter! And of course the lecturer smiled and said "No, not as far as I know". Hmmm ....


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