Melbourne Tee Bar

Nike[co]+Lab collaborated with Groovisions to showcase their work in Smyrnios Gallery, Melbourne. We had great fun with the interactive screen-printing session featuring Groovision designs created exclusively for Nike[co]+Lab. Oh the guys from GV graced the event too. They specially flew in from Japan this morning.


Design by Devil Robots

Design by Dalek

Design by Tenmyouya Hisashi


Design by Dave White




My attempt



GRV Dollar

Screen Printed Tees

Roti Prata Franchise?!?!

Oh well Ken is into his last 2 weeks of his semester and is up to his neck with his projects so I have to entertain myself & feed him well ;-)

Since he wanted to have chicken curry for dinner I thought perhaps I should experiment Roti Prata. As a kid I always enjoyed watching how the roti prata man flipped the dough and how the dough stretches and thins out. Nevertheless, I thought I would attempt that feat myself. Haha I did try but I could not even flip the flatten dough without it tearing. I must admit, it looks easy when the roti prata man does it but really it requires some skills & lots of practice.

The roti prata texture did not turn out as well as I would like it to - soft and fluffy but it's not too bad.

Making the Roti Prata Dough

The Fun is about to begin

Flattening the Dough

Flattening the Dough

Gave up flipping

Waiting to be pan fried


Roti Prata Set Meal

Tesselaar Tulip Festival

Well this post should be up sometime back but somehow the lazy bones has got on to me. :P

Sunday, OCTOBER 2, 2005

Today we took a trip up the Dandenongs and visited the Tulip Festival. We had great weather that day.

Look at the Tulips! Amazing!

Vibrant Colors



Queen of the Night Tulip

Can you count the number of Tulips?

Little Husky Puppy has GROWN

Look at how big the puppy has grown. We have not seen her for about 1.5 to 2 months. I think she's about 5 to 6 months old now but she's still so cute and fluffy!! I wanna bring her home.

Ain't I cute?

Am I that huge for a puppy?

Pup: Your hands are heavy.
Can't you see my tongue sticking out?

She's real playful

Dog Training Session @ Surrey Park


Yummy! Let the pictures make your mouth water. We had fun preparing and making our own sushi in the comfort of our home.

Catch of the Day

The Fun Begins

Art of making a California Roll


Restraunt's Standard?




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