Well its been a long long while since we updated our blog. Firstly it was due to assignments, then exams and lastly our trip back home to Singapore. Yes I know its no excuse BUT ...

Our trip back home was good and gosh 1 month seem to have gone by just too quickly. It was good that we spent most of the time we had with our families and also some time with friends. Oh and we feasted a fair bit, ate all the local food that there is and put on some weight for winter in Melbourne. ;-P

School has started for both of us and I am finding it hard to get the momentumn back despite a 1 month break. Can't imagine when summer holidays are here. Anyway time to hit the books and the kitchen once again. This time we must make it an effort to hit the parks or gym for a healthier well being too.

Alrite that's it for today's posting. There should be some updates during the weekend when we "pet sit" our friend's pets (2 kittens and 1 Alsatian) this weekend.

P/S: Haha I nearly forgot the password for the blog. ;-)


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