Siew Yok

Siew Yok aka Roasted Pork. Finally after 2 tries, we managed to get it right. The thing is to get the right cut of meat (pork belly) and also to monitor the grilling to ensure it is perfect. Nice crispy skin with a layer of fat just beneath it and nice succulent meat that is cooked well through. Would anyone like to order a plate of it?

What a nice rack

I love my baby back... baby back... baby back ribs... Well not exactly baby back ribs but good enough. The nice juicy and succulent meat covered in deliciously sweet tomato sauce seasoning and a whiff of charred burnt meat. Served with a side of toasted garlic bread, baked sweet potatoes and lettuce. For dessert, we have a gorgeous Chocolate mud cake that Serena had baked. Rich chocolate cake covered with a layer of ganache and a generous sprinkle of chocolate powder topped with strawberries and lined with almond flakes. Taste as good as it looks! Mmmm..... no wonder both of us seem to be putting on weight. :P


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