Lazy Sunday

This morning on our way to church, we saw some interesting Human Powered Vehicle along Southbank Boulevard - Swan Street Bridge. Heh and only upon updating this blog then did I realised that this weekend was Melbourne Cycling Festival.

Summer seems to be approaching fast. It was 31°c today hence we had a lazy afternoon by the beach. We were suppose to be playing frisbee but I guess most of the time we were goofing around in the water trying to retrieve the frisbee and admiring dogs. Yeah we were decent enough not to oogle at bods. ;-)

Siew Yok

Siew Yok aka Roasted Pork. Finally after 2 tries, we managed to get it right. The thing is to get the right cut of meat (pork belly) and also to monitor the grilling to ensure it is perfect. Nice crispy skin with a layer of fat just beneath it and nice succulent meat that is cooked well through. Would anyone like to order a plate of it?

What a nice rack

I love my baby back... baby back... baby back ribs... Well not exactly baby back ribs but good enough. The nice juicy and succulent meat covered in deliciously sweet tomato sauce seasoning and a whiff of charred burnt meat. Served with a side of toasted garlic bread, baked sweet potatoes and lettuce. For dessert, we have a gorgeous Chocolate mud cake that Serena had baked. Rich chocolate cake covered with a layer of ganache and a generous sprinkle of chocolate powder topped with strawberries and lined with almond flakes. Taste as good as it looks! Mmmm..... no wonder both of us seem to be putting on weight. :P

Lunar Eclipse

We had the chance to witness a total lunar eclipse on August 28 2007 and decided that we should not miss this chance to watch it since we will be able to get a great view of it here in Melbourne. So off we went to the event hosted by The Astronomical Society of Victoria on the roof of the Victoria Gardens shopping centre, in Richmond. The guys from the society had telescopes of different optical ranges and provided lots of knowledge about details of the event and about other stars and planets (eg. jupiter) We took a number of photos but these are the only few shots that turn out reasonably well.

Cuisine Series Return

Alright we now return to our routine transmission. As you will always expect from us, we post photos of Singaporeans favorite topic. FOOD! These are pictures accumulated over the past few months and are just some of the dishes that Serena whipped up. International buffet anyone?

Food glorious food

Getting back to what we do best. Taking pictures of FOOD! Our second round of Sukiyaki. Have a hearty time everyone! More of it here Sukiyaki

Big Day

To celebrate Serena's big day last week, we decided to have Sukiyaki. We bought 4 big prawns, thin beef slices from the Japanese supermarket, mushrooms and a whole lot more and had a wonderful feast. What's a bid day without the all important cake. Instead of having the usual 1 cake, I decided to get 2 smaller ones for her so we have a variety, one of its is a white forest cake and the other is Tiramisu. Will just let you all feast over the pictures.

Visit from a Friend

Recently, we drove to Great Ocean Road when Serena's friend Audrey made a trip down from Sydney. She was here over the weekend to catch Phantom of The Opera with Serena and stayed over with us. Besides the G.O.R, we also brought her to Brunetti (they have an amazing selection of cakes and delicacies) Definitely a must try when visiting Melbourne! Some pictures of the trip and also of the both of them making pancakes for breaky and of course dinner at Sophia's. Enjoy :)

Buller Ski Trip

It's been awhile since our last update and since then we have accumulated quite a lot of photos. Instead of blogging about food again, I guess its good to have something different to post. Since its winter here in Melbourne, what better way to enjoy this season then having fun with snow. In the last week of June we made a weekend ski trip up to Mt Buller with our friends. We stayed at Mansfield, the biggest town closest to Mt Buller, at Chris's place and was welcomed with great warmth and hospitality by Chris's family. The weather was terrific and there was a good amount of snowfall to coat the slopes of Mt Buller (45mins away from Mansfield) with a nice layer of soft fluffy whiteness. I guess there is no better way to describe the trip, so we will just let our photos do the talking.

The photos shows us having our scrumptious dinner at Mansfield Hotel. We can clearly see why its been voted one of the best country pub & restaurant in Victoria. The food was amazing especially the hot-stone beef that I had. After dinner we, went back to Chris's place and had a wonderful time playing with Axle, his cute playful jack russell , and Muffin, his very affectionate cat. Finally you will see the amazing pictures of Mt Buller and the gorgeous snow filled slopes. So sit back and enjoy the photos. Cheers!


... Another year younger ... Kekeke

Tonight the birthday boy had great company - Fir, Chris & Me! We went to Sofia's and Fir hungrily ops I meant excitedly ordered away & we ended up with an obscene amount of FOOD!! Anyway, we had our fill and enjoyed ourselves - so much so that I forgot to take pictures of our hearty meal. Anyway here's the picture of the birthday cake which we later had at our place. Yes, despite a "FULL tank" we were sinful and still glutton ourselves with a small slice of the cake.

The cake (Bacio) was lovely! The chocolate sponge was infused with kirsch liquer and the chocolate wrapping around the cake is not too sweet either. However I felt that it has too much chocolate/hazelnut cream. Overall it is still a splendid cake!
Aesthetics: 8.5/10 Taste: 8/10

Fir, Chris: Sorry forgot to take pictures with you guys! Thanks for the ride and of coz the great company!

Home Café

We finally manage to get our new "toy" 2 weeks ago and we have been playing with it ever since. Anyone up for a cup of cuppacino or latte with fresh home baked cookies or hot cross buns (seasonal item - only applicable during Easter).




Skate or Graff

NoComply Festival Main Show
Federation Square Atrium
7th - 14th April 2007

The main NoComply show is a collection of 150 skateboards by graphic designers, artists, fashion designers, photographers and tattooists from around the globe.

We made our way down to Federation Square last sunday to check out the exhibition. It's amazing to see all the different styles of art on the skateboards from pen sketchs, stencils to digital prints etc. After that we walked over to Hoiser lane across the road from Federation Square. Hoiser Lane is one of the awesome lanes in Melbourne city. Its filled with lots of street art from people like Reka to Meggs and even Fafi. Its like walking through an open art gallery. Just check out the pictures.















Hoiser Lane, Melbourne












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