On our trip back to Melbourne, we took the coastal route and broke our journey. We stayed 1 night each at Merimbula, NSW and Lakes Enterance, VIC. Both places are quiet and nice towns. Lots of fishing can be done but unfortunately we do not have the time and gear. The last place we visited on our way back was Wilsons Promontory National Park. Amazing we even saw a wild emu!

Sunset @ Merimbula

Look at the live oysters on the beach. Slurp!

Ken attempting to feed a Rosella at Pebbly Beach

The Kangaroos are so tame at Pebbly Beach

Baby Kangaroo feeding

Christmas Eve BBQ Dinner at Lakes Enterance

Aussie way of Christmas feast :-)

Lakes Enterance

Squeaky Beach, Wilsons Prom.

Wild Emu

Holidays - Sydney

We had 7 nights in Sydney and stayed in Manly thoughout our trip. We visited the usual - Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Blue Mt., Bondi and a couple of walks around Manly.

Harbour Bridge

Entering the Harbour Bridge

Ferry Ride from Manly to Circular Quay

Most photographed Bridge?

Ken's artistic take of Sydney Opera House

Caught up with Audrey

Sydney CBD from North Head

Night View from Mrs Macquires Point

Queen Victoria Building - Shopping Center with Character

Sydney Shopping Belt

Swarovski crystal decorated Christmas tree

The Strand with Christmas Deco

Nite view of Sydney CBD

Long Reef Aquatic Reserve

Sydney Fish Market

Lobsters Yummy

Bondi Beach

Wish I was surfing the waves

Scenic World Train Ride

Three Sisters, Blue Mt

Well since our last post, we have been travelling around Victoria and New South Wales. We took a 2.5 weeks road trip to Sydney. We stayed in Bright, VIC for 1 week, 1 night in Canberra, 7 nights in Sydney, 1 night in Merimbula, NSW and 1 night in Lakes Enterance, VIC. We were back in Melbourne on Christmas Day. :-) I will be breaking the holiday post into several posts else it would be a super long one.

Bright is situated in the Ovens Valley and offers beautiful scenery and landscape. There are many ski resorts surrounding Bright, with Mt Buffalo National Park just less than an hour away. We will definately visit Bright in winter so that it can be a base camp for us to access the snow capped mountains and ski resorts. Since it was summer we did horse riding, trout fishing and lots of walking trails.

Wild Rosellas on Ken's arm

Lake Cantani, Mt Bufflao National Park

Thinking Man

View from The Horn, Mt Bufflao

Panaromic View from The Horn, Mt Bufflao

Rollasons Falls. Took a 1hr 15mins (return) track to see this Fall

Bogong Stables where we took horse riding

Ken & Woollybutt crossing a creek

Horse Riding in the Alpine National Parks

Mt Hotham. Look at the ski lifts behind us

Yes Catch of the Day - Rainbow Trout

Having fun at LiliPut

Our next stop, 1 night in Australia's Captial State - Canberra. We drove around the city in the evening and that's about it.

Parliment House behind us

Lake Burley Griffin

In the next post (heh hopefully before 2006), I will update pictures of Sydney, Merimbula and Lakes Enterance.

Ah it's been a very long while since we updated our blog. Well we have been busy - Ken with his assignments and later travelling to Tasmania with my parents & sister. We were in Tasmania for a good 10 days. Some pictures of our Tassie trip can be found here.

Yesterday we went to the Yarra Valley and Dandenongs & The Ranges. It is about 1 hour drive from Melbourne. Same area where we went to visit the Tulip Farm. Find out more about the area here

Our first stop was Warratina Lavender Farm where we went on a 20 mins lavendar tour to learn about the harvesting process and also to see the lavender plantation.

Lavender (Munstead)

Lavender (Intermedia)

Lavender all around ... Feeling Sleepy?

Yummy! Serena's home-made Lavender cookies

Second stop was to a Cherry Plantation where we feasted on the freshest of cherries from the cherry trees. We also took the opportunity to pick some back home. Sweetness!!

Look how big the cherries are!

Juicy Yummy

Picking Cherries

Ken picking cherries

Third stop was to Hillbilly Honey Farm where they had 20 over varities of honey for tasting. I tasted over 10 different types of honey and wasn't sure which to get. In the end we got a 1kg tub of Bush Mallee and 1kg tub of Yellow box honey. Too bad I don't have any pictures for this coz all of us were busy bees working hard on the honey ;-)

Last stop was to the Sky High Dandenong Observatory where we had great views of Victoria.

View from the Observatory. Can you see Melbourne City?

Posing High Above


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