... Another year younger ... Kekeke

Tonight the birthday boy had great company - Fir, Chris & Me! We went to Sofia's and Fir hungrily ops I meant excitedly ordered away & we ended up with an obscene amount of FOOD!! Anyway, we had our fill and enjoyed ourselves - so much so that I forgot to take pictures of our hearty meal. Anyway here's the picture of the birthday cake which we later had at our place. Yes, despite a "FULL tank" we were sinful and still glutton ourselves with a small slice of the cake.

The cake (Bacio) was lovely! The chocolate sponge was infused with kirsch liquer and the chocolate wrapping around the cake is not too sweet either. However I felt that it has too much chocolate/hazelnut cream. Overall it is still a splendid cake!
Aesthetics: 8.5/10 Taste: 8/10

Fir, Chris: Sorry forgot to take pictures with you guys! Thanks for the ride and of coz the great company!


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